fire safety is more important than the mountain - huaxing pet food to carry out fire safety training meeting

2021-11-05 22:43

in order to further enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, popularize fire safety knowledge, build a solid safety defense line, and ensure the safety of the company's production. on the morning of november 5, 2021, huaxing pet food and the nanhe district fire rescue brigade organized fire safety training.

at the training meeting, the professionals explained in detail the employees participating in the training from the aspects of fire knowledge, fire fighting facilities, fire safety, etc., and elaborated on the hazards caused by fire accidents by listing a large number of fire accident cases, which was profound and thought-provoking.

the fire safety training activities effectively strengthened the fire safety awareness of all employees, and improved the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation, fire fighting and evacuation. huaxing pet food will continue to strengthen fire safety publicity, strictly implement the safety responsibility system, adhere to the production safety self-inspection, and effectively consolidate the company's safety work, laying a more solid foundation for the creation of a safe factory.