research and development

a high sense of responsibility, rigorous scientific methods, and continuous pioneering and innovative spirit constitute huaxing's professional r & d team.
meticulous observation and comparative experiments are another way for us to deepen our understanding of dogs and cats.
huaxing has established its own dog and cat breeding base and accumulated authoritative dog and cat knowledge. huaxing's dog and cat research center has 25 breeds of dogs and 20 breeds of cats, through in-depth research and observation of these dogs and cats, so that huaxing can improve the understanding of dogs and cats from different angles, while letting people understand the important role of nutrition for dogs and cats.
the company will be 1.5%-2% of sales every year as a special fund for research and development, in august 2008 to establish a pet test base, from the initial dozens of dogs and cats, developed to the current more than 1300 dogs and cats pet test
at present, it has formed a variety of product lines such as dry food, wet food, prescription food, health care products, snacks and so