the 5 "folk sayings" about cats are too absurd

2021-12-09 08:58

it's almost 2022, and there are still 5 "folk sayings" about cats, which is too absurd!

myth 1: cats have nine lives

many people say that cats have nine lives, because many people see cats falling from high places, but they can land unscathed, so they use this statement to exaggerate cats. but a lot of factual evidence shows that in the real cat fall accident, the survival rate of cats is not high, so the window should be sealed, don't joke about the life of the cat!
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explanation 2: cat saliva can be disinfected

this is a completely wrong statement, although the cat saliva contains a certain amount of lysozyme, but the content of lysozyme is pitifully low, not enough to play a role in sterilization. on the contrary, the cat's saliva contains a lot of bacteria, and licking the wound will only worsen the condition, so when the cat is injured, it is still honest to wear a hood.
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myth three: black cats are unlucky

in some areas, black cats have always been prejudiced, resulting in black cats becoming discriminated against cats, labeled unlucky, a symbol of bad luck and calamity. but the black cat in the eyes of the ancients has the role of warding off evil towns, is a rare good cat, in fact, the black cat in addition to you turn off the lights can not find, there is no special shortcomings.
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myth 4: cats are not familiar

since ancient times, people have a prejudice against cats, thinking that cats are unfamiliar white-eyed wolves, this statement is actually a bit extreme, if you know how to raise cats, cats can also be cooked. when the cat is a child, it is also the time when the cat is most receptive to new things, when the owner socializes it, and the cat can quickly and easily integrate into the owner's family.
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saying 5: just give the cat fish

since ancient times, people think that dogs eat bones, cats eat fish, but put it now, this is a very unscientific breeding habit, the previous cats have strong survival ability in the wild, the stomach is better, and it is very satisfying to eat. however, the intestines of the current domestic cats are relatively fragile, if you only give the cat to eat fish, it is easy to scratch the intestine, resulting in bleeding in the cat, and only a single source of nutrition for fish, which is easy to cause unbalanced nutrition in the cat.
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now it is best to raise cats or feed cat food to cats, this is the most correct way to raise, cat food is scientifically developed, carefully mixed with the nutrition required by cats, is the staple food of cats, shoveling officials are best to choose some nutritionally balanced cat food for cats.

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