won't your own dog hurt your pet owner after making a mistake and being beaten?

2021-12-16 18:53

many pet owners choose a dog depending on the appearance of the dog, as long as the dog looks well-behaved, then it is not important how it is. many dogs, after being taken home by their pet owners, are punished by their owners for making mistakes. there are many pet owners who are very confused, the dog's paws and its sharp teeth, are not able to resist by humans; if the pet owner hurts the dog, will the dog in turn hurt the pet owner?

we think there is generally no need to worry, most of them will have the following reactions. the first: run to the side without making a sound

after the dog makes a mistake, the angry pet owner often does it directly. a few slaps were made on the dog's ass, and then the dog whimpered. when the pet owner came back to god, his heart softened. because the dog that was hurt at this time hid silently in the corner without saying a word. like a child who makes a mistake, aggrieved and helpless. this is how most family dogs react because they say they know they're wrong. it's common for pet dogs to make mistakes, as long as they correct them in time.

the second kind: the more you hit it, the more vigorous it becomes

of course, not all dogs can obediently obey. if the pet owner finds some naughty dog, after making a mistake and being beaten, he will continue to make mistakes vigorously. for example, during the demolition of the house, the dog was beaten by its owner. i thought the dog would stop, but i didn't expect the dog to dismantle it more vigorously. this is because the dog thinks it is its own owner, playing with itself. it does not realize that the pet owner is very angry at this time, and the best way to deal with this dog is to continue to educate.

the third kind: the skin is thick and thick

sometimes pet dogs are just skins, and they want to do something when they have nowhere to vent. especially for some dogs with thick skin and thick flesh, no matter how much the pet owner punishes it and beats it, it is useless. because the dog can't remember the pain, the beating is heavy for fear that the dog will be injured, and the light dog has no effect at all. so this time the pet owner punished it, and the next time it will do it again. if you want this kind of dog to be obedient, you only need the pet owner to come to a demonstration education, i believe that many pet owners will be da.

fourth: yell at you

there is another kind of dog that is more infuriating, and the focus is on the husky. obviously, it made a mistake, and as a result, after being beaten, it cried out and was wronged. the voice was louder than anyone else's, and it felt like his master had bullied it.

of course, dogs will be anxious after being beaten, and they will also yell at their pet owners. but usually there will be no dog to bite its owner. because they know that the pet owner is good to them, and they also know that if they really bite the pet owner, they are estimated to be stewed.