the "love-hate feud" between cats and wangs

2021-12-18 22:51

if you want to say which animal is the most popular choice for people, then cats and wang xingren are definitely on the list. cats are very cute pets and one of the most common pets in everyday life. cats have a longer lifespan and can accompany humans more, and few people can resist the cute appearance of cats and the cute action of spoiling; as the longest companion and pet that accompanies humans, dogs are probably the most understanding of all pets. the higher the iq of the pet, the higher the interaction with people, and the better the experience of human breeding. that's why dogs are still the most popular with so many pets.
dogs cats

cats and dogs, which are common pets in the home, do not get along as well as they think, what is the reason for this?

the reasons are related to their species:

cats are solitary animals, proud and independent; dogs are social animals, outgoing and love to join in the fun. they also express themselves in very different ways – cats like to make sweet purrs when expressing happiness, while dogs use purring as a warning sign; dogs wag their tails are usually friendly, while wagging tails is the way cats express dissatisfaction – such misunderstandings are inevitable and difficult to get along with.
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dogs and cats have their own secret language, there are as many as 170 kinds of dog barking, and cats have a very rich facial expression. compared to the 170 kinds of bark of dogs, the bark of cats can be described as monotonous. more of the cat's language is conveyed with rich facial expressions, and it can express various meanings with the movements of muscles in different parts such as nose, cheek, ear, forehead and so on.
dogs cats

if you really want to have a cat and a dog at the same time, you need a process of familiarity and acceptance of each other, and you can't put them together directly at the first time. getting cats and dogs to accept each other and live in harmony can be a long process, and the most important thing for the shoveler is to be patient and keep the cat and dog safe!