learn about pets in minutes – how often do pets take a bath?

2021-12-24 09:02

people who own pets know that dogs more or less have the so-called "dog fishy smell", and some people want to bathe dogs frequently to improve this situation, so can dogs bathe often? and every time you bathe the cats, there is a big battle, most cats bathe as difficult as to murder them, and all the shovelers dream of having a cat that can obediently bathe themselves.
cats and dogs

cats and dogs are not the same as people, and the frequency and habits of bathing cannot follow our bathing habits. and bathing dogs and cats is not only to give them clean hair, but also to protect their hair and skin, so it is necessary to bathe dogs and cats, but the common sense of bathing them, as a shoveler, do you really know?

dog bathing

in fact, how often a dog bathes really depends on 3 factors: the breed, the cleanliness of the owner, and the breeding environment. first of all, the most important thing is that the dog breed, the long-haired dog and the short-haired dog bathe differently, and the frequency of bathing is different for large dogs and small dogs, which are determined by the difference between the dog breed itself. in addition, according to the cleanliness of the owner and the breeding environment of the dog, it is not that the more frequent the washing, the better, and frequent bathing of the dog will affect the health of the dog. therefore, it is generally recommended to wash 2-3 times a month, no more than 4 times, and the frequency of bathing can be reduced in winter, 1-2 times a month.

cat bathe

cats are more clean animals, although cats are domesticated, home hygiene is also very clean, but then clean environment, people in and out of the must also have dust. if the cat is full of rolling drills, it will definitely get dirty, but it should not be bathed too often. it is generally recommended that short-haired cats be washed once every 3 months, but for long-haired cats, their own cleaning ability is poor, coupled with the fact that the long-haired cat is easy to hide dirt and dirt and grow exoplasms and bacteria, it is recommended that long-haired cats be washed twice a month in the summer and once a month in winter.

final considerations

during the period of immunization and deworming, it is not advisable to bathe; choose a special shampoo for pets, and cannot use the shampoo for people; the temperature of the bath water should not be too high or too low; remember to clean the glands when bathing; cats and dogs should not bathe during the labor and lactation period; when the health state is not good, it is not appropriate to bathe.
cats and dogs

in summary, the shovelers should choose the bath time and the number of baths according to the specific situation of the baby, so as to better protect the baby's fur health.